Avalon Scaffolding Branding

A brand designed to stand out

Avalon Scaffolding were new to the crowded scaffolding market and wanted to get noticed. On most work sites “high vis” green is the easiest colour to spot which helped Avalon get noticed on and off site.

The logo design has been applied across many platforms and can be used in full or in part as a larger graphic element. Their business cards utilise both the logo design and the larger element bleeding off the edge.

Brand image across photography

Avalon Scaffolding’s photographic images are designed to be bold and have a dark overlay in contrast with their new logo.

Banners & Signs

Banners and signs utilise the “high vis’ green to show up in often dull work sites.

Brand Style Guide

Logo, elements, colours and font usage are detailed in a brand style guide to assist the company in policing it’s own brand.

image showing vehicle wrap grahics on a white car

Branded T-shirt Design

The branded T-shirt was designed to catch the eye but also to appeal to the on site scaffolders.

Custom website in bold colours

Bold flat colours and the dark photographic images were used to brand the Avalon Scaffolding website. 

The functions of the website were kept simple and straight talking navigation was designed to make contacting or getting a quote easy.